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Our Pity Party [25 Jun 2005|06:30am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

We're just a couple of girls and we're up to no good.
Thats right, Nina and I, we rule.

So we drove through the ghetto of Lake Mary, in reverse. Thing was, I can't drive and Nina wouldn't couldn't see. It also dawned upon her that I can't drive. SO yeah. I can't drive.

The guy at the Chinese restaurant REFUSED to serve us any spring rolls, what a jackass. Melting Pot was closed with the rest of Lake Mary. We asked if we could have take out. At Melting Pot. Uh huh.

Off to steak and shake. To punish Nitin for being an awful daddy, Nina rebelled and ordered a -gasp- CHEESEBURGER! Onion rings and Sweet Tea.

Eating that was so gratifying. We baked delicious brownies made by delicious brownies. And watch Hitch (third time for me). It was even better. During intermission we got a call from Officer Greenway, Jeff and Claus. Jeff got shot in the head and the movie started again right after the Bill dance (which is SICK, sick).

The movie ended at 3am. Then we talked about our favourite subject- ourselves.
By the way guys, we're all hanging out tomorrow.
Brent I need to bitch at you. Holla back girl.

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[08 Nov 2004|08:34pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

shopping with kristin was way fun, must do again. ^_^

highland house is the hot spot.
emolikewoah. i can only be that cool with terbs.
just wait and see, you will be rocked so hard.

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[18 May 2004|08:16pm]
already this is the best gilmore girls ever

"what's your damage, heather?"


"the hustle

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[26 Apr 2004|10:27pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Pre-Prom Fun with ALIZA!Collapse )

*PROM 2004*Collapse )

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[22 Feb 2004|12:06am]
[ mood | discontent ]

slept in really late. watched tv/movies with aliza. nice, lazy, relaxing afternoon. went home. was supposed to go to cyndi, then wedding, then cyndi, ended up doing neither because i didnt have anything to wear to the wedding and my dad decided he didnt want me going to a concert. went to logan's, i missed him. went to the mall, we talked a lot which was really nice, went back and looked at photo albums. talked to him all the way home. i realized how much i hate being in this house when im not in my room. poonam we need to talk more often <3

Happy 18th Birthday Robbie!! i love you <3

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[10 Feb 2004|10:54pm]
[ mood | silly ]

one of these days, i will stop lying to myself.

but in the meantime, i will have fun times looking like a ho and hanging out with my way cool sisters <3


kiki xx star: you are suuuuch a boyo
taMEREestOPRAH: but seriouly, if I could make someone from the 4 of you I'd be happy
kiki xx star: i think youd make anyone happy
taMEREestOPRAH: nope, i'm not good enough
kiki xx star: SHUT UP now you're being a girl :X
kiki xx star: lol
taMEREestOPRAH: haha
taMEREestOPRAH: l.mao
kiki xx star: you're supposed to go "i can have any girl i want"
kiki xx star: "im soooooo hott"
taMEREestOPRAH: hahaha


[15 Mar 2003|01:33am]
[ mood | giggly ]

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hallelujah we're not hydras [14 Mar 2003|09:41pm]
salsa vomit and all, today was pretty good. we sunk the lucitania in history, sleepage during english (sorta), art club during fling [steph was visiting the sandman ;)], eh we'll skip boring bio, ms. tripp makes me chuckle, no spanish so i bashed on mike/morgan's piece. haha, i just dont agree with it because dancing is definitely a sport. id like to see either of them try it before they formulate an opinon. anyway, les brown was good, i got to be senior. it reminded me of donnie darko without the brainwashing crap. oh yes, and the fairy was there.

ha then i had the laugh of a lifetime watching adam try and bull his way into getting 4 kids to ride home with him. they called the lab-man on him. they all ran away. that kid is so stupid sometimes. but makes for a good laugh.

+--man they were playing great 80s stuff but now its all this boring metal-im-so-deep-i-write-love-songs-so-i-really-sound-like-rod-stewart.

+--ha, it got good again, so its all just fine :D

lots and lots of things [12 Mar 2003|11:26pm]
[ mood | unhappy ]

kelly, you are an awesome friend. not that anyone else isnt, but thanks kelly. <3

sorry for being all weird this week. i shouldnt let my problems affect my friendships, especially when you're all so good to me. its all just very frustrating. blah. lunch made me sad.

anyone going to be at school from 4-6? ill be there and bored, lets hang. btw, im going to have to bail on friday's plans. i wouldnt be much fun anyway.

--katie what do you call the flip where you bend over and cross your arms through your legs, where another person behind you holds your hands and you flip heels over head? there's one where you can either land on your feet or the one where you can be held up with legs straddled but they're done in the same manner. this is really going to bug me.

im sick of suffering, severing old ties

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[11 Mar 2003|09:31pm]
[ mood | cold ]

dont anyone ever tell me you'll do something and not do it. it hurts. because i thought you actually had something to tell me. you said we'd talk. you never said a word. maybe it isnt important but fuck, i hurt so much right now.

i need to talk to so many people. my life is empty without you. but im too scared to tell you all these things.

and why are all the dogs having a barking fest? it sounds like a massacre going on out there. its very unsettling. this english poetry thing is crap. 3 chapters of bio to catch up on. two more chapters to go over for essay tomorrow. spanish quiz on vocab/shit i wasnt there to learn. and then fucking journalism, which can go bite itself in the ass. i hate the people who say everyone's slacking and their fucking giggling over who knows what, because dude its so cool. so the rest of us are doing your dirty work. fuck.

i only enjoyed lunch. but it was better yesterday. more peaceful. i think ill eat alone tomorrow. its nicer that way.

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[09 Mar 2003|01:29pm]
[ mood | bottled up ]

last night was a hell lotta fun. yeah, the gin blossoms are old skool and all but they were great. doubledrive was awesome as well. werd to the cuzins for passing along the albums. i think both robbie and i worried our parents....i still havent seen my ballistic dad since i got home. talk about overreacting.

anyway im looking forward to next weekend and hanging out with robbie and meeting kevin, yay!

i was reading my friends' entries and i realized that i feel so apart from everyone. it sucks. right now my life really seems sucky, and last night was great and it made me feel better, but nothings changing. and i need things to. my life is not going where i'd like it to be going. im making new friends, but some [a lot] friendships are becoming "hey hows school ok thats nice bye." thats not what i want.

in fact im gonna go wallow right now and then maybe study for the 32329482342 tests i have to make up tomorrow. bah.


i <3 you. [07 Mar 2003|07:14pm]
steph is cool. haha. i got some allegra D, thanks for the tip :D
teri is cool too. -wave wave-
heck, everyone is cool.
katie said HAGS to me today, so she gets double cool points.

yay for my mix cd from m. im enjoying it muchly. i had fun making yours too :D

man, im gonna be cool and go to sleep at 7:30, after i woke up at 6:30 from going to sleep at 4 this afternoon. oh yeah.
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im craving a quizno's veggie sandwich thing [05 Mar 2003|08:14pm]
[ mood | sick ]

what decade does your personality live in?

quiz brought to you by lady interference, ltd

giggle. thats happy. i would <3 to have lived then.

crapple. whoo boy. i was still laughing about it after class was over. oh deary. sadly i think i just may die. i thought i was feeling bad in algebra but oh no, i nearly died during spanish. crapple i have a bunch of stuff to make up. history test, english project, bio test, bio essay, algebra test/hw, spanish quiz/hw, journalism article. i think im going to cry. bah. i really really really really [x 203109580938509384] want to go to gin blossoms on saturday but im starting to doubt my ability to actually go. i hate this.

i keep meaning to call rebecca but i either (a)fall asleep 0r (b)get too involved in my coughing fits. this is my reminder to call rebecca.*

aubrey has no voice. i have no eyes. put us together and we could be a blind mime. i need sleep, yes? feel better aubrey, and yay for katie being better. see ya laterz.

How FAT are you?

Brought to you by the good folks at sacwriters.com.

NOOOOOO. damn you. i eat more than jake! football player jake! 64 oz steak boy jake! stupid quiz.
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i took the rainbow to happy land [04 Mar 2003|08:38pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

does anyone else eat utaa pam? if so, doesnt it make you want more, all the time? rice products, oh so good. i went through two boxes for dinner. thats enough for four people. yum yum. at least i got my appetite back.

i talked to bibi and then naadira for a bit today. they're relocating as well.

"jess, are you a gigolo?"

i think i might make it to school tomorrow. wooooo. hahaha.


if all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops, oh what a rain it would be... [04 Mar 2003|12:38am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

i have the biggest urge to go outside and sing that loud and proud while it rains on me, wet and cold.

how i miss being young and naive and unaware of all the problems that surround us. how being free of worry made you fearless in a sensible way. not scared to do what you want, but still scared of falling down the sewer while riding your bike. completely sensible.

i spent a good 2 hours looking through all the pics that never got unpacked after 8 years. pictures of me and jessica. age 4-7. pictures of billy, lindsey, and oscar. oscar meyer. i still cant believe thats his real name. ha. pictures of natalie...we used to play bloody mary at night. all of us, running around behind the houses screaming bloody mary and running to base as fast as we could, hoping we wouldnt get tagged. and the one time that the witch next door, god that lady must have hated us, i swear to god she brought out a dead body in a black bag and threw it in the trash can. imaginations run wild when you're 6. we loved halloween. we wanted to befriend the witch. but we were afraid she wouldnt understand that we wanted to be witches too. that we had made our own couldrons, not to mock, but to learn. i was such a pagan. i thank jessica's mom for that. she made us black robes with matching hats that came to just the right point. we chanted, hoping to raise spirits. it seems miraculous that we were so young. but we did it. i still have the quija board that brought jessica her first kiss and me my first glimpse into the ghost world. we put a spell on the fat gray cat that belonged to the pearson's. it died three days later. we were scared, but so very proud. we both cried. and then we had a ceremony. we are blood sisters. always will be. you cant ever change that. knives were so scary. so we peeled scabs. my blood, your blood. it was pure and it made us one. we knew what real friends were. we were it.

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03-03-03....arent we special! [03 Mar 2003|11:56am]
[ mood | sick ]

gin blossoms are coming. exciting. im so dead feeling its scary. we decided kevin will just have to bond with some of his other bio friends because katie and mary also stayed home today. bahhhhh i feel so crappy.

im still 3 assignments behind in math. blah.

anyone go to evergreen terrace last night? i wanted to go lots. i think overdale was playing with them too. im sad. im sick and sad. if i went to school today id be the smelly kid. because i smell all sick. i need a shower. now sounds good[bye].

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-dies- [03 Mar 2003|12:04am]
[ mood | crappy ]

i hate being sick. i feel like a lump of person. i slept all day. woke up to eat toast. back to sleep. woke up to eat breadsticks. back to sleep. finally woke up for good around...7:30. i still cant breathe. and life still sucks.

i had a really weird dream about rollerblading boys in a pimped out hob. one rolled over my foot. then there was this whole retro waitressing on wheels thing. during the concert. there was more but you'll just have to ask. im bored now.

i know something you dont know. :P ha. i do. and its totally cool. yay.

feels like crap but cant sleep,
purple star*


livin' it up is a state of mind [01 Mar 2003|08:48pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

never give it up! no, never give it up!

wow. what a spaztasticly fun time with the homegirls. first i was picked up by marichan, who arrived with lauren, i gave them the two-minute room tour [lauren had to see my multiple beds :D] and we were off! the zoo was so much fun! lots of animales. some rain, but not enough to ruin the parade. we got the coolest pixors and awesome elephant sipper-cups. the goats and llamas and....
the butterfly graveyard

then it was off [to see the wizard...ha, sorry] to pick up katie on the side of the road! we wouldnt leave her like i've been left! we rolled out in the car, singing along to all the hits, of the 80s, 90s, and today. mix 105.1. ha. actually it was a cool mix-CD of mari's. onwards to chuck e. cheese! where a kid can be a kid. we rocked the place down to the ground and on through to china. haha. we got our coupon's worth of pizza and tokens, then we played all the games. lauren sweeped the first round with her 190 jackpot round, giving her a grand total of 300-something. i had like...215. ha. got me a space-age alien necklace and some MaRdi gRas beads, seafoam green to be specfic [its so much easier when seafoam green is in fashion.] then more pizza, more tokens, more gaming, and some tunneling/slide riding. OH! and a pic with the cheese-ster himself! i'll post it in a later entry. its cool yo. then MORE GAMEAGE! and lots of prizes accumulated. free beadage. free body glitter. where does it end??? then we went outside to wait for mari's mom. the hackey sack kids were coming our way so we went bilingual on their asses.

dancing. singing. all in the car! woo! ha. we are such party girls. O-so-fuN. "is that my phone vibrating? no its nina!" lmao xD
t.a.t.u. coming soon to a party near you.

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oh, happy day [28 Feb 2003|07:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]

slept in an extra hour. got to school 30 minutes early. just you wait, two more months and this will be a dialy occurence. well, the sleeping in part at least.

weird, i can't remember if i went to history today. ha. oh well.

anyway, did the make-up test, think i did well. spanish seemed uber easy today, which is always good. journalism was nice, not so loud and oh so fun. colin is my favorite person for the day. maybe even the week. teehee.

that pep rally probably sucked, but i didn't notice, had way too much fun. ha. my homegirls were all there; mary, kelly, lauren, rebecca, katie, and even ms bryant. haha. and oH yeAh. that after-party was just rocking. i ran like the dinosaur i am and everything. i almost stole a cd on accident, thinking it was aubz' so i figured, hey, it either sits on her box of mail all weekend or in my box that plays music. oops. it was lauren's. its a good thing she noticed.

"hit me with your best shot. fire away."

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mother fucking insurance companies [27 Feb 2003|11:00pm]
[ mood | so fucking pissed off ]

this is basically the moving van at my front door.


there's more but im just too fucking mad to think clearly.

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